Land O’Lakes 11 year old Speaks out Against Bullying

The Land O’Lakes Patch reports this week on 11-year-old Eric Colflesh, who has seen and experienced enough bullying in his short time on earth to want to do something about it.

“Since I have autism,” he told the Patch, ” people try to get a reaction out of me with bad words and such.  Kids try to get an advantage over my autism. At PE, I try to stay away from the activities because I might get physically or mentally harmed.”

When Eric heard about the film, Bully, he wanted to see it.  But because of the film’s R rating, neither Eric nor many of the other children Eric thought should see the film, could view it.  So with help from his mother, Victoria Colflesh, Eric joined in a nationwide petition to have the film’s rating changed.  More than 500,000 supporters eventually persuaded the MPAA to change the film’s rating to PG-13 in April.

Now Eric, who will attend Weightman Middle School next year, wants to  create his own documentary film on bullying for a Boy Scout project, featuring local students who have either been bullied, or witnessed bullying.  Kids need to let people know when they’ve been bullied or if someone else has, Eric told the Patch, “And teachers need to listen to the students.”

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